Mosaic Mushroom Workshop Napier 2nd - 30th November

Mosaic Mushroom Workshop Napier 2nd - 30th November

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Make your own mosaic hypertufa garden mushroom from start to finish.


Heidi will be walking a small group through the fun process of making these magical garden mushrooms using a hypertufa mix which is lighter and stronger than cement alone.


The workshop consists of 5 one hour sessions, once a week each Wednesday evening at 6pm till 7pm.  There will be an additional 1 hour workshop at the end for any missed sessions or incomplete sculptures.  Please be advised you must be ok with getting your hands dirty for this workshop.  Gloves will be supplied but you will be getting in to it, ok!


The group will learn how to mix a hypertufa recipe and mold a base stem and lid for their mushrooms before designing and creating their own mosaic pattern to top it off. The group will then learn to grout their final mosaic.


All materials will be supplied however you are encouraged to bring any stones, gems, jewels or special additions you may wish to mosaic in to your magic mushroom lid.  Drilled shell, stones, tiles and glass will be available.


Workshop Outline

Week 1: Introduction to course, mixing & molding hypertufa base & lid.

Week 2: Unveiling your stem & lid, design preparation for mosaic lid.

Week 3: Bonding the mushroom and creating the stem

Week 4: Bonding the mosaic pattern to lid 

Week 5: Grouting the mosaic

Week 6: Collect the final mosaic or additional workshop to complete.